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Body Positivity is a term that has caught fire in the past couple of years. But why? Do Instagram influencers just sprinkle it in their captions and hashtags? Are fashion brands just following the trend? The phrase means different things to different people. I am not a self-proclaimed expert on all things body positive, but I can tell you what it’s not.

1. Body positivity does not mean being confident all the time.

­+ Being confident is a learned skill. Believe it or not, you can be body positive and have 0 self-confidence.

+Before you go advocating for body positivity, make sure you are loving your body first! (Don’t pour from an empty cup)

2. Body positivity does not mean I don’t want to lose/gain weight.

+ Unpopular opinion: You can promote body positivity and NOT want to change the way your body looks.

+ You can celebrate the body you’re in and enhance it. At. The. Same. Time.

3. Body positivity does not mean comparing bodies.

+ It’s easy to love a fat body when the woman is shaped like an hourglass. Love that same fat body when it's shaped like a rectangle!

4. Body positivity is not limited to body shape or weight.

+ People like to forget that your body is not just your weight and shape. It’s your complexion, birthmarks, stretch marks, physical disabilities, tattoos, gender, age, etc.

5. Body positivity is not a social media trend.

+Body positivity is inclusion.

+Body positivity is shattering beauty standards.

+Body positivity is having the audacity to love the body you’re in.

Body positivity is knowing your body is not better than anyone else’s but it’s also second to none.

Sound off below. What does body positivity look like to you, what does it mean?

* I do not consider myself a blogger. I write about topics that are important to the plus-size community and me.

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