Friends Plus: 5 ways to tell if they're really your friends


Being a plus sized woman in society is hard asf. Unrealistic beauty standards, societal pressures, and a host of other things can cause us to get the blues. It’s important to have a strong support system that can help you face the world. Although differences are beautiful and opposites attract, sometimes it's nice to have someone who completely understands what you are going through. For example, I have several best friends, most of whom are plus size. This is not on purpose; we tend to ‘click’ with people who we have things in common with. Here are some things I realized I’m completely comfortable doing with my plus sized friends.

1. Shopping at plus sized stores.

+ When I go shopping with my plus friends, I can almost guarantee we’re going to the same stores. I don’t have to go into a store and watch my smaller friends’ shop, while I look around to ask a store associate do they carry plus sizes.

+ My plus friends see the vision and they boost my confidence. With comments like “Get that two-piece, the beach will get whatever body you give it!”

2. Having similar anxieties.

+ Will the seatbelt on the plane fit?

+ Is there a weight limit for this ride?

+ Am I going to be the only plus-sized person at the event?

3. We are not shy about how much food we order

+ I can eat as many times as I want with no judgment.

+ I can eat the types of foods I want with no judgment.

4. We can talk about weight challenges.

+ From gaining, losing, and maintaining.

5. We can talk about literally any and everything.

+ I can be open with all my friends both plus and straight sized, but the convo is different when they can relate. 

Whether you are newly plus-sized, not new to this but true to this, you want to gain weight, lose a few pounds, drastically drop pant sizes, gain muscle, put on weight, grow your butt, or you’re not sure yet. Two things are for certain: 1. Love yourself where you are. 2. Surround yourself with people who love and support you.

Are there some topics that you feel like your plus friends just understand better? Sound off below.

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