Traveling Plus: 5 things to remember when traveling

Alright, so BOOM! I’m fat… and I enjoy traveling. These two things often do not mix. Traveling can be one of the most rewarding experiences, but it can also be humiliating. There are 5 things I want you to keep in mind when traveling plus (especially internationally).

1. There will be activities you can’t do:

+ You may not be able to zip line, but you can go jet skiing. You may not be able to get on a ride, but you can go diving.

+ Weight limits can feel restricting but do your research, get creative, and make an itinerary so there are no last-minute surprises.

+ The weight limits are in place for safety reasons, so don’t let them hold you back. For every one thing, you can’t do there are two things you can.

 2. People will stare:

+ People will also point, laugh, and take pictures.

+ People will admire, gush, and marvel at you.

+ People in homogenous countries are not used to seeing people who look different than them. Add the extra elements of you, your curves, and your clothes (you’ll be draped in Camille’s Closet apparel) you’re sure to have everyone taking notice.

3. Clothes will not fit:

+ It seems that clothes in other parts of the world run small. Or maybe I just don’t know where to shop for the plus sizes while abroad.

+ If you have the time, get a custom piece made! (Trust me you’ll cherish for years to come)

+ If you see a fellow big girl ask her where she shops. You will probably make an instant connection and get insight into other local secrets.

4. Most airplanes are not big girl friendly:

+ The average airplane seat is about 17 inches. (I have bundles longer than this!)

+ You can buy a seatbelt extender, so you never have to ask the flight attendant for one again! (Check Amazon & Walmart)

5. You will get unwanted attention:

+ The attention will come from men and women alike. Men in Jamaica, Paris, and the southern United States have been known to swarm to thick women.

+ Meanwhile in countries like China you will probably not feel the love.

So what!? There are pros and cons to traveling plus. But you deserve to see the world and the world deserves to see you. Give the world all your plus size glory and sprinkle your essence everywhere you go. We break the status quo just by existing. They don’t want you to travel. They don’t want you to live your best life. Do it anyway.

Are there any places you traveled that were big girl friendly? Are there any traveling plus tips that you want to share? Don’t just read, sound off below.

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  • Gigi on

    I’ve loved traveling to all the places I have around the world, despite being a bit more uncomfortable on cheaper airlines.

    What I’ve noticed the most though as the majority of my discomfort was internal as opposed to external. If you lack the confidence and self appreciation to walk out in any setting knowing that you’re that chick, you’ll automatically feel uncomfortable.

    This is something I’m still learning.

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