BLM Resources

Camille's Closet has signed petitions and donated to various campaigns.Curating this list is another way we are pushing for change. Activism can take many different shapes and forms. Use this list as a starting point. Do your own research and decide what form of activism is best for you. This list is not exhaustive and we encourage you not to stop here.



    Mental Health:


    (This section will be updated every month)

    June 2:

    • New Mexico
    • District of Columbia
    • Rhode Island
    • Pennsylvania
    • Maryland
    • South Dakota
    • Indiana
    • Montana
    • Iowa

    June 9:

    • West Virginia
    • Georgia
    • North Dakota
    • Nevada
    • South Carolina

    June 23:

    • New York
    • Kentucky
    • Virginia

    June 30:

    • Colorado 
    • Utah
    • Oklahoma